Wisdom Tooth Extraction and Surgery in Bukit Timah, Singapore

By Pure NZ Dental Team

19th October 2023


Making Wisdom Tooth Removal as Comfortable as Possible

Wisdom teeth often appear during a person’s late teens or early twenties, raising the number of teeth in the mouth from twenty eight to thirty two. Ideally, these four extra teeth are perfectly aligned with the rest of the jaw, and have enough space to develop comfortably. However, more often than not, an average mouth cannot comfortably accommodate this third set of molars, and the presence of wisdom teeth can cause pain, infection and jaw stiffness.

By performing wisdom tooth extraction surgery at his practice, conveniently located in Bukit Timah with ample parking space and close to bus stops,  Dr. Justin Stewart can relieve the discomfort caused by the extra teeth.

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Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

The presence of wisdom teeth often causes such discomfort that many people are happy to have them removed. However, it is important to understand why extra teeth cause such pain.

Due to the lack of space in the jaw, wisdom teeth are often prevented from developing properly and wholly erupting through the gum. Instead, they may only partially erupt, increasing the likelihood that bacteria will amass and infection will occur. Teeth that are only partially exposed are also difficult to brush and floss, making the mouth more susceptible to decay and gum disease.

The pressure from impacted wisdom teeth can cause other teeth in the mouth to shift, altering dental alignment and causing malocclusion. Wisdom teeth removal relieves pain while preserving the integrity of the bite.


Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Painful?  

As most wisdom teeth being removed are impacted, the oral surgery performed differs from a simple tooth extraction. First, we will take pictures of your mouth using a panoramic x-ray, which provides a view of all your teeth at once. Using these images, our dentist will be able to discern important information, such as how the wisdom teeth are affecting your other teeth, sinuses, and nerves.

Once you are comfortably numbed, our dentist will make a small incision in your gum to expose the impacted wisdom tooth. If necessary, the tooth will be divided into sections prior to removal. Once extracted, the sites will be sutured tight and will require removal after 10 days or so.


Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery

After the procedure, gauze or cotton will be placed over the extraction site to alleviate bleeding and help a clot to form. However, light bleeding is to be expected for twenty four hours following wisdom tooth extraction. Our dentist may prescribe pain medication to alleviate any postsurgical discomfort, and you may use ice packs to minimize the pain.

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