SDF as A Non-invasive Treatment

What is Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)?

According to the National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS), Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is an antimicrobial agent, which is a colourless liquid substance used to help prevent tooth cavities from further deterioration or spreading to other teeth. 

The solution is made from water, fluoride, silver and ammonia. Fluoride in SDF acts as a remineralizing agent and helps in caries arrest while silver works to protect the dentin and kill bacteria.

How is SDF applied?

It is applied topically, which means that it’s brushed directly onto the cavity, halting its ability to further decay the tooth. The application is easy and non-invasive, thus allowing us to build trust and positive dental experiences.

Many dentists use the following steps:

  1. Cotton or gauze is placed near the affected teeth to prevent saliva from moistening the teeth.
  2. After cleaning and removing moisture from the surface of the teeth using a vacuum suction tool.
  3. SDF is applied to the area affected. 
  4. Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) may also be used to mask the areas that were affected by the cavities.

What are the Pros and Cons of using SDF?


  • SDF has been proven to be effective in stopping cavity development after a cavity has formed.
  • The procedure is fast, painless, non-intimidating and does not involve the use of injection.
  • SDF is considered as a more comfortable alternative to drilling cavities which is helpful for children or adults who have anxiety about the dentist or may not be able to fully engage in dental procedures. 

Side Effects:

  • Black staining around the applied area. SDF can also stain surfaces that it comes into contact with, such as clothing or nearby tissues in the mouth.
  • SDF does not restore tooth form or function, so large holes that trap food may still require a filling.
  • The risk of tooth decay progression remains if there are no changes in high-risk habits.


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