The Importance of Fluoride

Did you know, Singapore public water supplies contain fluoride?

Fluoridation of public water supplies has been in practice in Singapore since 1957, it is a requirement by the Ministry of Health, as a means of reducing the prevalence of dental caries. 

What is Fluoride and is it Important?

Fluoride is a natural compound that is naturally present in air, soil, plants, water and numerous foods. 

It is also a mineral in your bones and teeth!

Why do We Need it?

Tooth decay is the most common oral health issue for both children and adults as bacteria is present in everyone’s mouth. When carbs and sugar are consumed, they enable the bacteria in our mouth to produce an acid that attacks and causes damage to our teeth. 

Fluoride plays a role in the mineralization of teeth, a process essential for keeping them hard and strong.

This diagram summarizes how Fluoride works.

Is Fluoride Important?


As previously mentioned, tooth decay not only affects children but adults as well!

Over time, the different things that we consume in our daily life continue to build up acid that breaks down our teeth enamel. 

Fluoride is important for preventing cavities as it helps to remineralize your tooth enamel and reverse early signs of tooth decay. This is why it has been added to toothpaste and even in community water supplies in many countries. 

So stay up to date with your fluoride treatment and save money in the long run! 


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