Dr. Ali Maan

Dr. Ali Maan grew up in Manchester, UK and obtained his dental degree from King’s College, London in 2006. He then completed a Vocational Training year in the East of England before remaining in the area to work as an associate in a busy mixed government and private practice.  In 2010 Dr. Ali opened his own successful clinic in London offering a full range of dental treatment to both adults and children.  

He moved to Singapore in 2013 and worked as a Senior Dentist for a large healthcare organisation both in a central hospital and satellite clinics.

A highly experienced dentist who obtained his dental degree from King’s College, London in 2006, Dr Ali has also been awarded with a Masters degree in Restorative Dentistry from the University of Birmingham, U.K.

He has received further training in a variety of procedures such as root canal therapy, treatment of worn down teeth and aesthetic dentistry. He has an interest in oral surgery and treating anxious patients.

He is an Invisalign certified provider.

Dr. Ali is dedicated to ensure that his patients receive the best care possible. He makes it a point to ensure that his patients are informed of all the implications of embarking on treatment, such as risks, benefits and costs, and tries to ensure that the treatment provided is as pleasant as possible. He is proficient in treating patients who are anxious about dental treatment.

Away from the dental clinic, he enjoys most sports, cooking, and spending time with his two young children.

“I believe good communication between patient and dentist is imperative for building a trusting relationship and ultimately leads to excellent dental care”


Top 10 Burning Questions You Always Wanted To Ask Your Favourite Dentist But Never Got The Chance.

1. What’s your most favourite thing you love being a dentist?

Dr. Ali: Getting to meet and interact with people from all walks of life!

2. What’s the most complex operation you’ve done in your dental career?

Dr. Ali: Although some cases can be technically demanding, I feel the most complex cases can involve treating patients who have a phobia of seeing the dentist. Not only do we treat their dental problem, I feel it’s our job to build up their confidence so that next time they come in, their anxiety has gone!

3. What is the most important skill you think a dentist should have, and why?

Dr. Ali: It’s difficult to pinpoint just one. Having good technical skills goes without saying, so I would say being able to build up a trusting relationship with a patient. This requires communication skills, integrity and goes a long way to ensure the patient has a good dental experience.

4. How has being a dentist impacted your life so far?

Dr. Ali: Well I met my wife at dental school so you could say this is the biggest impact! It’s main impact is that it’s given me the opportunity to meet and interact with so many different people, both in the UK and Singapore.

5. What do you love most about your workplace?

Dr. Ali: The immediate thing that strikes me is how patient-orientated everything is. My colleagues are all dedicated to ensure patients have a happy and comfortable experience!

6. What’s a typical day like for you?

Dr. Ali: I’m normally woken up at 6.30am by our two young sons. After having breakfast and getting the children ready for school, I would make my way to work. I’ll usually check my appointment list on the way in so I can be prepared for what the day holds. I’ll normally go for a walk at lunch. Once work is finished for the day, I’ll try to get home in time so we can have dinner together as a family and then spend some time together.

7. Who do you look up to as a role model?

Dr. Ali: I can’t look any further than my parents. They worked hard and sacrificed a lot in order to ensure that my siblings and I had opportunities in life.

8. When and how did you decide to become a dentist?

Dr. Ali: I knew from a young age that I wanted a career in a healthcare profession. I was fortunate enough to be placed in a dental clinic during my high school work placement scheme and I haven’t looked back since!

9. How was your first dental experience like?

Dr. Ali: Good! I was fortunate that I didn’t have any cavities so my first experience was just a gentle polishing.

10. What books are you reading at the moment?

Dr. Ali: I am currently studying for a course in advanced restorative dentistry so I’m reading a lot of textbooks at the moment. But I do like to unwind with a good crime thriller; I’m currently reading Six Four by Hideo Yokoyama.