The world we live in is evolving everyday and so does the world of dentistry. Technology goes hand in hand in providing the best possible dental care for you. Here at Pure NZ Dental, we are proud to use the state-of-the-art equipment in our office to allow us to provide effective treatment while eliminating the discomforts often associated with many dental techniques. Below, you’ll see some of the specialised tools that we use to give you the best quality dental care.


DIGITAL X-RAYS/ OPG LAT CEPH – We are able to review your X-rays much faster than before through the use of digital X-rays. These X-rays can be developed much faster than traditional X-rays and you are exposed to 80-90% less radiation.

Safer – You get proper and accurate diagnosis of your dental problems without any of the unnecessary radiation, as digital X-rays use approximately 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays.
Better – Digital X-rays are not only more accurate, but they can also reveal things that film can’t. Digital X-rays give us a highly detailed view of your teeth, helping us to give you a more accurate diagnosis so that we can customise an appropriate treatment plan for any issues that may be found. Our dentist can show you details about what your problem is by magnifying the digital image up to 300 times the normal size. The digital X-rays can also be manipulated to adjust contrast and color to show hidden problems. We can also email the X-rays to a specialist easily if required.
Faster – Without the added time of processing and mounting X-ray film, we can get your digital images instantaneously, saving you time in the dentist’s chair.
Smarter – No film. No chemicals. No harmful waste. Digital X-rays are much better for the environment.
As a patient, you get safer, better, faster, smarter service without the usual increase in price.


ezshot intraoral camera

INTRAORAL CAMERA – An intraoral camera is a small tool that we use to show you what we are looking at inside your mouth. The camera is able to take high-quality photos of your teeth and gums, which will then be magnified and displayed on a computer monitor for you to see. Our dentists will be able to use the image to see your teeth in greater detail, making it easier to identify potential issues. The photos will also help us to explain our diagnosis, our treatment and give you a greater understanding of any problem areas.

Root-ZX Apex-Locator

APEX LOCATOR – Endodontics has been revolutionised in the past twenty years with the addition of the nickel titanium rotary instruments, microscopes and apex locators. In the days of endodontics, before apex locators were available, several radiographs were necessary to help us determine the length of canals that we were treating. Now we can use apex locators to help us obtain this information while significantly reducing the number of radiographs needed to verify our canal lengths. The Root ZX is the most accurate apex locator on the market with scientific studies reporting accuracy as high as 98%.


PRACTO RAY – Practo Ray is an all-encompassing dental software program that we use for anything from scheduling visits to patient information. In your digital patient file, we are able to store data all in one place including your appointment schedule, personal information, medical history, allergies, digital X-rays and billing history. With this computer program, your patient file is readily available and more detailed than a paper chart. This helps us maintain an eco-friendly practice, which ultimately makes us run more efficiently and more environmentally friendly.

Melag Premium

STERILISATION – We protect our patients by using the highest sterilisation systems possible. The Melag Premium Class sterilisers are recognised throughout the world as the best in biological sterilisation and for setting the benchmark for safe dental care.